Posted: April 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

Lots happening today, with a few notables being…

* The addition of The Candy Cottage (above) to my Ocean Springs photography project. If the town you live in doesn’t have a store exclusively dedicated to candy, then you should move to Ocean Springs without any further questions.

* Having my youngest daughter hang out with me at work today since she’s on Spring Break. She spent a few hours going through a box filled with lots of old mementoes of mine, learning who knows what about me! After this, she spent some time composing an essay about me titled, “My Dad.” And now I have a brand new memento to treasure.

* The newly merged affiliate, Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, asked me to be on their Board of Directors. For a Habitat for Humanity addict such as myself, I cannot turn it down.

* Work on our little deck continued this evening. My wife & I added the handrails to one side of the deck without help from anyone. Scary, I know, but we’re proud nonetheless.

And now, I think I’ll read a little more on War & Peace. I have just over 200 pages left, but considering the girth of the book, I’m coming down the home stretch now.


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