Posted: April 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

Since Hurricane Katrina introduced herself, I’m not so much a fan of the old children’s song: “The rains came down, and the floods came up, and the house on the sand went SPLAT!”

Yet I can’t stop humming it on days like today. Lots and lots of rain.

I had planned to go to Mobile tonight to watch Mississippi State University play the University of South Alabama, but on such a rainy day, I didn’t even try to make the trip.

But I’m getting a chance tonight to put in some extra work on some upcoming speaking engagements, which I very much needed to do. So it’s all good.

And my current house has not gone SPLAT!

  1. DocWatson says:

    Looking forward to seeing you next week. I think that I will be able to come to hear you Monday night. I wont be able to hear you Sunday since I have to teach class and run the show during worship.

    I didn’t know you were coming to speak this year. I cant wait to see you.

  2. Al Sturgeon says:

    Great, Dave! Can’t wait to see you! I told Jody that, with all your leadership roles at Bono, that I doubted you’d be able to come over on Sunday, but I was hoping that Monday night would work.

    Funny that I read your comment this morning. When the alarm went off, I was having one of my crazy dreams. In this one, you and I were back at Texas Stadium watching the Cowboys. At first we were driving around ON the field taking pictures (even though we weren’t supposed to be, no one had stopped us yet). Then we were wandering around behind the scenes of the stadium in places we weren’t supposed to be, too. At some point it seemed like a big shopping mall & one place I remember had a big character like Scooby Doo or something working it. Weird, but normal dreams for me! The only parts that made sense where that we were hanging out together, watching the Cowboys, and taking pictures!!!

  3. DocWatson says:

    I have crazy dreams like that just about every night. I don’t know what that says about me.

    I haven’t been taking many photos here lately. The only ones I have taken are for our new church website. We are going to be rolling it out in the next 5-6 weeks. I am designing and someone else is building it.

    Can’t wait to see you guys!

  4. Al Sturgeon says:

    See you soon!

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