Posted: April 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

It turned out not to be an adventurous trip home to Paragould today, which was quite a relief. I had planned to make the entire trip today, but when I looked at the weather forecast late yesterday afternoon and noticed the huge storm system scheduled to make its swath across the southeast today, we made a quick change of plans. We packed in a hurry and drove to a hotel just north of Jackson, Mississippi, late last night (actually arriving around 1am this morning). When we awakened around 9am this morning, I turned on the weather and was very glad that we had made that decision – one of the really bad storm cells was headed directly through the area we would have been driving on this morning.

As my old friend, Hal, says, even a blind squirrell gets a nut now and then.

We had a wonderful, wonderful trip up. We stopped near Memphis to see our friends, John, Jinger, and Alicia. It was SO GOOD to see them. We got to see their beautiful home, and then they took us out to eat at Logan’s where we shared a wonderful meal together. They are such a neat family, and we love them more than they could know.

Now I’m sitting here on my mom’s couch after eating supper at Dairy Queen, a Paragould tradition (I had to have me a Jim Dandy sandwich). And now, in another Paragould tradition, we’re watching the Cardinals on television (Scott Rolen just knocked Duncan in to tie the game!!!).

I’m looking forward to speaking at the Hillcrest Church of Christ tomorrow morning. Hillcrest deserves credit or blame (depending on whom you’re talking to…) for me becoming a preacher. The last time I spoke there was Valentine’s Day in 1999, the day before we moved to Ocean Springs, so speaking there again tomorrow will be really neat.

Gotta go. Speizio is at the plate.

  1. Jeff says:

    I know you didn’t stay in a hotel just down the road from my house without calling me, right?!

    Hope you have a great trip!


  2. JD says:

    Enjoy your morning at Hillcrest, Al. Give mom a hug for me. I feel like I know all about Paragould and your family. After all, we spent so many Thursdays together talking about our lives over lunch. I miss that terribly. Have a great trip and we look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    Sorry, Jeff!!! I had read Jesus’ parable of the friend at midnight, and I figured that, once adjusted for daylight savings time, the same thought applied at 1am when we rolled into Jackson – a good friend like you would have opened the door for us, but I didn’t think you’d be too happy about it. 🙂

    And thanks again, John. Great news! My mom’s going to come stay with the family when I’m gone to Pepperdine, so she’ll be at OS when you come speak!!! I don’t know who will be more excited, you or her!!!

  4. JD says:

    Hmm… I better get a good sermon up then!

    My son enjoyed leading singing at OSCOC yesterday. He said brother Logan said some nice things about him in a prayer. Wasn’t he supposed to be saying things about God? LOL just ribbin’.

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