Posted: April 23, 2007 in Uncategorized

My sermon this morning centered on the end of Matthew 11:19, where Jesus replies to his own parable which highlighted both he and John the Baptizer’s poor standing in public opinion, by saying, “wisdom is proved right by her actions.”

In other words, if you want to judge Jesus, judge him by how he lived.

My application, once again, asked us to compare our lives to His. How do we truly compare?

After a good morning with our church family, several of us went to eat lunch together, as is our normal practice. Today, while Jody drove to see Erica at Hattiesburg, Hillary & I went to McElroy’s with Keith, Tom & Laura, Tandy & Peggy, and Gene & Eileen. (Hillary had the catfish, while I had the shrimp po-boy.)

Among many topics, Tom & I explained to Keith our “Men Against Sandals” club. We believe we are the only two members remaining, since most men are now seen wearing flip-flops or sandals in some shape or form. Tom’s membership is faltering now, too, since he has purchased a pair for an upcoming cruise.

Keith is with the majority on this one, and after a moment’s reflection, he explained to us in all seriousness: “Some of us are trying to be like Jesus.”


What can I say? At least someone took my sermon seriously…


  1. Lien says:

    Hey Al!
    Hope things are going well for you guys. I couldnt help but respond to the sandals comment. Jason has organized a new “chapter” here in East TN. We are confident we can recruit new members, as he is still very much a man without sandals!

    Have a great day!

  2. Al Sturgeon says:

    Yippee!!! I am not alone in this world!!!

    Hey, make sure you read my post from today (Monday) after I get to it later on tonight. If all goes as planned, you’ll get a kick out of it. Though I doubt Jason will be organizing any chapters related to this one. πŸ™‚

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