Posted: April 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

Tonight’s the big dance rehearsal at the Saenger Theater in Biloxi for Hillary’s upcoming recital (this pic was from the dress rehearsal last Thursday). She is SO excited. To make things even better, my mom is flying in to watch!

This morning began with heavy storms passing through the area. There was another tornado warning for our county around time for the kids to go to school. Sheesh! Sometimes I think I’m back in Arkansas!

I spent more time than I expected printing off maps, etc. today of Pepperdine & the Los Angeles area for my upcoming trip to the lectures there. It’s killing me that the Dodgers are playing a home game during the lectures, but I can’t justify taking that much time away from my purpose for being there. I do have a few ideas for tourist stops on my way from the airport to the campus, and vice-versa. Two of them are normal; one confirms my unique personality! Oh, and I will have to sneak out of one of the evening lectures long enough to watch the sunset on the Pacific Ocean. I can justify that one – I think it’s better to see God firsthand when compared to hearing a lecture about him!

I’m really looking forward to seeing my friend, Michael, who teaches at Pepperdine. He’s one of the neatest people I know, and the glue behind the crazy gang at my Desperate Houseflies blog.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Not Too Little Play & Party Center in Ocean Springs today for My Ocean Springs photo-project. Another neat place!!!

  1. Lisa says:

    I checked out your other blog, and now I’m wondering … did that Michael Lasley go to Harding? I think my husband, Dan, knew him while there. Maybe they were both in TNT together? Maybe I should have left this comment on the other blog?? 🙂

    I enjoyed the last post you had on Desperate Houseflies too.

  2. Al Sturgeon says:

    Hey Lisa!

    Same Michael Lasley. His mom was my high school English teacher, and now he’s teaching creative writing at Pepperdine. Pretty cool…

    Definitely leave a comment over there – explain the small world… 🙂

    And thanks for the kind word…

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