Posted: April 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m really tired, so I’ll greatly summarize:

The picture above shows the after-effects of Hillary’s dance recital tonight. The Studio Upside Down put on “Spring Fling” at the beautiful Saenger Theater in Biloxi this evening, a three hour extravaganza that was extra cute and super fun. Hillary’s jazz class performed “Boogie Wonderland,” and my completely biased opinion was that it was the best one of the night. I never thought I would enjoy dance recitals, but daddyhood does such things to a man.

My mom flew into town today & was able to see the recital tonight. My mom is an extra special person, as all who know her realize, and it is great to have her spend some extra time with us not that she’s retired!

My oldest daughter, Erica, came home tonight, too, just to watch her little sister dance. That’s the kind of thing that makes a daddy extra proud. She was impressed by her little sister!!!

I mowed the yard & ran the weedeater this morning, a three-hour chore each time it’s done. But it always feels so good once it’s done!

I’ve got to get some SLEEP!!! Good night everyone…

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