Posted: April 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

The picture above is my personal justification for all the expense, effort, and pains in various body parts that comes with adding an above-ground pool to the backyard: Hillary, with friends, Mari and Alexis, posing with their funny hairdos this afternoon.

The two billion shovel-loads of dirt I dug today, and the umpteen wheelbarrow trips to the ditch, and the accompanying sore back are reasons that argue against it.

But the pool parties still win out.


In other developments, I signed up for a Facebook account today, and I must have hit cyber-paydirt. I already have hooked up with 11 friends from all over the place, and I just signed up a few hours ago! This must be the new “cool place” to hang out.


Tomorrow’s my first Sunday to preach bald. Well, completely bald.

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