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Sorry for the rare “skip” day yesterday. Just goes to show that some days can be so full of life that there isn’t even fifteen minutes to throw together a blog post!

* The day began with Hillary’s last day of 4th grade, which as every last day of school goes, was a party day. Which meant I was in charge of taking and picking up a crock pot in between the craziness of last day of school traffic. Plus, I had the great opportunity to visit with both Mr. Estis and Ms. Nungesser, two teachers that touched Hillary and our family’s lives in special ways.

* Then there was our weekly Neighborhood Watch meeting, followed by a very lively ladies’ class, the liveliness of which spilled over into crock pot picking-up territory.

* On the side, Hillary left elementary school in a Hummer limousine! Two girls had a joint birthday party in which they invited 16 girls to a slumber party, and they left school in a Hummer limo! I saw it rolling down the street on the way to get the aforementioned crock pot.

* Then I went to Biloxi to sit on the front porch with my buddy Hezekiah.

* Then I went to Gulfport to look for the Habitat for Humanity blitz build. I drove around for a long time and never found it. Then this morning, I get an email with directions. Guess I should have asked for that first.

* Then, best of all, my old friend Rob Shaver arrived from Arkansas to hang out with us for a while! Rob was my star point guard back in 1994 when we won our conference and had a spectacular season. He was an unbelievably quick, long-range bomber who scored points like John Dobbs collects blogs! In addition, he was a deep-thinking young man with whom I shared a lot of great conversations. A lot has changed since 1994. I hadn’t seen Rob in ten years, and in that time he nearly died with Stage 4 cancer. In that battle, he had his left shoulder blade removed, and in awful irony, he can’t lift his left arm high enough to even shoot a basketball anymore. But more importantly, it is inspiring to hear Rob talk about how cancer changed his life for the better – his new lease on life has translated into an even deeper place from which he approaches life.

* Rob went to dinner with Jody & I (Cafe New Orleans) and then to Ocean Springs High School’s graduation. When we made it back home, we talked and talked and talked and talked…

I went to bed at 2am this morning, and was in no condition to blog at that time!

But what a great day…

  1. bixbydeb says:

    Al, it just me again. I am so glad that I checked your blog tonight. I was the director at PALS-Nettleton, when Rob was there. I believe(if I remember correctly-no guarantee, old age you know) that his whole name was Robert Ray Shaver. That stuck with me because my first husband was Robert Ray. I receive the Nettleton bulletin and several years ago I noticed a prayer request for a Rob Shaver and I wondered if it was that same one. We had gone to church with Rob’s parents at Nettleton, years ago before either of us had kids. I did not know anyone to ask about Rob. However, a few months ago I asked my daughter, Jenny, who had gone to CRC if she knew Rob. She said not really but Misti(a close friend from CRC) knows everyone from Pocahontas. Rob’s grandfather had preached at Pyburn St and my husband at Skaggs in Pocahontas years ago. Misti knew lots of those folks and had relatives there(Wilson’s and others). Well she told Jenny that Rob had a pretty serious cancer. However, I haven’t heard an update in sometime. How is Rob doing? Are his treatments over and what is he doing now? I have been praying for him and his family as have MANY others. I’m sure he doesn’t remember me as he was so young. It is good to see that he is out and about. I hope that means he is much improved. Debbie

  2. Lisa says:

    What did he think of your hair??? 🙂

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    Debbie: That’s the right Rob Shaver! He enjoyed reading your comment, and he does remember your family. He is currently cancer-free and doing very well!!!

    Lisa: We’ve had some good “hair” conversations! After two bouts with radiation/chemo, etc., Rob had some great stories of his own!!!

  4. JD says:

    “He was an unbelievably quick, long-range bomber who scored points like John Dobbs collects blogs!”

    I give you a C- for that sentence! LOL

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