Posted: May 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

My friends, Jim and Betty, operate Mississippi Mud Works in downtown Ocean Springs, offering a variety of beautiful pottery products Jim creates in his studio.

In the post-Katrina world, downtown Ocean Springs has seen a proliferation of bars, much to the consternation of Jim & Betty and many of the downtown merchants. Litter, in the form of empty beer bottles and cigarette butts, has greeted Jim & Betty every morning for quite some time now.

Wondering how to react to these changes, they came up with a new “project” last week. Betty made a nice little display with “free Bibles” in it for any takers who might be enjoying their business front after-hours.

Betty reported no Bibles taken after the first night, but it will be interesting to see how things develop in the future.

  1. Lisa says:

    That’s cool! I hope those Bibles find their way into hands that will appreciate them. 🙂

  2. JD says:

    Cheers to Jim & Betty … great move!

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thanks guys!

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