Posted: June 9, 2007 in Family and Friends

CRUISE JOURNAL DAY TWO: Tuesday, June 5, 2007
(a.k.a. “How Much Fun Could a Fun Ship Have If a Fun Ship Could Ship Fun?”)

* We all awakened feeling MUCH better, and before long we had (mostly) headed off in different directions. After a sumptuous traditional breakfast at the Wharf Grill, Hillary went to Camp Carnival for the morning, which proved not to be nearly as fun as she expected. Jody and Erica went to lay out on the deck, and I went around the ship taking pictures (surprise!). I spent some time watching the beautiful blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and I also sat in on Cruise Director Brad’s spiel on the various shore excursions.

* We picked up Hillary at noon (her last in Camp Carnival!), and we all went to lunch in the Four Winds Dining Room. I had Californial rolls for starters, tomato baguette for the main course (sort of a crab/shrimp po’boy sandwich), and pineapple sherbet for dessert! Yum-yum!

* After lunch, all three girls decided to lay out some more, and I ended up playing basketball on the upper deck. There was a 3 on 3 game going on when I arrived, and soon I was invited into a new game. I teamed up with a 16 or 17 year old kid named Caleb, and we ruled the court for a couple of hours! It was mostly Caleb, of course (!), but I contributed my bit with my fancy no-look Larry Bird passes, too! I realized how out of shape I have become, and I began wondering if Doc from the Love Boat would show up soon. But I quit before it came to that…

* When I stumbled back to the room, the girls were taking a nap. Then, Hillary wanted to go to the slide (since earlier it was a little too wild and crazy during the men’s hairy chest competition!), so Jody and I went with her to the pool where she went down the massive slide close to a hundred times I bet…

* Tuesday was the Captain’s Formal Dinner Night, so we went back to the room to shower and put on our fancy clothes. Listen to what I ate that night: shrimp cocktail for starters, followed by a Caesar’s salad, prime rib for the main course, and chocolate melting cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert!!!

* After dinner, we went to the Americana Lounge for “Extreme Country,” the show put on by the Holiday dancers. We arrived early and found a seat on the second row directly next to the steps that descended from the center of the stage, the perfect seats for an awesome show.

* After the show, we went back to the room, and the girls were already into looking for the towels the amazing steward and his staff would leave in the room every night, folded into the shapes of amazing animals. Ours was a crab Tuesday night!

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