Posted: June 12, 2007 in Miscellaneous

Had a really busy day today…

Up early doing some work to get ahead, then on to Gulfport Memorial Hospital with one of my elders for what I thought would be surgery on one of our members. It turned out that things went much slower than everyone anticipated, and later this afternoon we received word that (a) there would not be surgery, and (b) there would be a biopsy tomorrow now to determine where to go from here.

Spent the afternoon hustling to squeeze quite a bit of work into three or four hours…

Then tonight, went to a birthday party for our friend, Shanna. While there, my friend Tom and I were taught the finer points of professional wrestling by our friends, Herman, Marion, and Tracy. I do know now that the freakishly large individual pictured above is Bobby Lashley, and he was the WWE champion until tonight, but for some reason he was drafted into another league and Vince McMahon made him give up his title belt. This angered the large Mr. Lashley, and his angry look is quite synonymous with the picture above.

I’m pretty sure Tom and I aren’t converts, but I now can carry on a very surface level conversation with a professional wrestling fan.

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