Posted: June 21, 2007 in Miscellaneous

Moulton, Alabama, is a little town in northwest Alabama, and I have friends there. Well, now I do. We haven’t had many hurricane relief crews recently. That part of our lives seems to be passing away, yet this week we’ve met around twenty kind folks from the Moulton Church of Christ, about half the group adults, and half the group teenagers.

After our Peak of the Week class last night, several of us stayed afterwards to show them our old slideshow. We then stayed after that and talked and told stories for a good long while. I got home after 10pm from our 7pm class.

I don’t know if the need to tell our stories is therapeutic or just plain needy on our end. I’ve told the same stories bunches of times, but I continually feel the need to tell them when new folks are around. Whatever the case, I told them again last night.

Mr. Key, one of our new friends from Moulton, made the comment that it was surprising how much is still undone in areas they had been to not long after Katrina. It has been 22 months now. So much has been accomplished, and yet some places are still a veritable mess. Just goes to show how unbelievably massive nature of Katrina’s destruction.

I hope to live a nice, long life, and never see something like that happen again.

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