Posted: June 27, 2007 in Family and Friends

I don’t know how many folks from the Ocean Springs Church of Christ read my blog on a regular basis, but for any who do, today’s post will be most interesting!

Bill is one of the neatest people I know, and father of six of the other neatest people I know. He was married to JoNan, another of the neatest people I have ever known, who passed away after a long, hard battle with cancer several years ago now.

Bill is also one of the most private people I know. Some time after JoNan’s passing, he basically disappeared from church. Later, we learned that he had moved to Pensacola to work with his son. He didn’t tell anyone. He didn’t want any fanfare. Here about a year ago, Bill turned up again in Ocean Springs. I thought he was visiting, but instead he said that he was back. No fanfare once again.

A month or two ago now he showed up in my office and asked if he could shut the door. (This always worries me.) When we were safely alone, he asked if I would officiate his wedding ceremony! I think I acted smooth, but you could have knocked me over with a feather. I (nor anyone else in our church family) even knew he was dating anyone! He told me about Beverly from Pensacola, and even showed me a magazine article about her and her neat, artistic house.

I, of course, told him I would be honored. I’ve done big weddings and I’ve done small weddings, but I’ve never did a secret elopement before!

The wedding was yesterday afternoon, and it was beautiful. My Hillary and I were two of the ten people there (counting the bride and groom); Hillary got to hold the cell phone up so that Beverly’s daughter could listen to the ceremony.

And to the best of my knowledge, with the exception of my wife and daughter, and my elder, Gene, and his wife, Eileen, who are gone on an Alaskan cruise (and my secretary and youth minister who were around the building yesterday), absolutely no one in our church family has a clue about this.

Bill and Beverly are coming to the Peak of the Week class tonight, and he said he plans to introduce his new wife then. I would LOVE to be there, but I have another speaking engagement tonight!

Ought to be a memorable night.

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