Posted: July 9, 2007 in Family and Friends

Okay, I forgot my camera yesterday. Shocking, I know. So this is not our real chef, nor our real group, nor even my picture. But it’s fairly representative of our lunch yesterday…

For some reason, I’ve concluded that our Sunday classes are the key. For all the church research specialists among us, they are effectively our small groups I guess. We’re learning how to “go into the world” through our classes. Plus, we’re learning how to form community there, too.

My little method for that “community” part is simple: have a class party every month. Somehow.

When I led the young adult class, I was constantly frustrated (not “mad” frustrated, mind you – just “perplexed” frustrated) in trying to come up with events that would draw people together. Until I got smart, that is, and asked everyone to take a month and plan something. That went SO much better…

So I’ve tried the same approach to our new “forty-something” class. We hosted the initial party in June, and then July was Patrick and Teddie’s month. They had the unique idea of going to do the hibachi lunch thing at Yuki’s in Biloxi, and it was a terrific idea.

This was my first time, both for the hibachi deal and to eat at Yuki’s. My oldest daughter LOVES Yuki’s, and just to mess with her, I would consistently call it “Yucki’s.” But nothing could be farther from the truth! YUM-YUM is my professional opinion!

Sitting around a three-sided table with old, new, and developing church family friends, watching an impressive cooking demonstration, and sharing a good meal… Not a bad way to spend a Sunday lunchtime at all I say…

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