Posted: July 15, 2007 in Family and Friends

After an adventurous Friday, our group of guys checked into the Jameson Inn in Newnan, Georgia, just after midnight. We got a kick out of seeing one of our own, Matt Ruffin, had his name on the welcome board (since he had made the reservations). Several particularly enjoyed that his name almost looked associated with the PGA women’s golf group that stayed there, too.

We left the hotel late yesterday morning and traveled to Montgomery, Alabama, where twelve of us played a round of golf at Lagoon Park. None of us would have impressed the PGA women’s golf group, I’m sure, most especially me. This was the first time I looked at my hand-me-down golf clubs since we made this same trip last September, and it showed early and often.

I shot a 125, which I am actually proud of considering (a) my lack of playing, and (b) my ability in the first place.

It was a nice course, one of the top-ranked public courses in the United States, but once again, the beauty was in the opportunity for a bunch of guys from church to spend the afternoon simply enjoying time to be together.

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