Posted: August 9, 2007 in Lessons

The ride home from school was normal yesterday, conversation over new homework assignments and updates on friend sightings. Once home, I did some of my usual work, while she did what was expected of her, chores and homework and a snack.

It seemed pretty much after the fact that the story dawned on her, and Hillary came into my office to tell me something that happened at recess.

Her name is Lauren, and Hillary noticed her. Hillary was playing with three of her good friends when, out of the blue, she remembered something I had asked her a day prior. So she looked around and noticed Lauren, sitting on a bench by herself, looking alone. Hillary’s friends were in the middle of something VERY important, I’m sure, so she was a bit torn as to what to do, but finally she took a chance and pointed out to her friends the girl sitting all by herself. They said, “Do you want to go meet her?” Hillary said, “Sure,” so off they went.

On Tuesday, after reviewing important papers sent home from Hillary’s new school, I had asked her if she had noticed anyone looking lonely. She told me she hadn’t. I suggested being on the lookout at recess or lunch for someone who might be new and without a friend. Just a thought, you know…

Her name is Lauren, and she just moved here from George County. She told these four new girls that she didn’t have any friends yet, and they spent some time introducing themselves to her.

I juggle a thousand things in my job and in my life, and I often wonder if any of it really makes any real difference. When I get excited about doing something right, I often notice that I had the wrong motivation for doing it in the first place. Life can be difficult to figure out.

Yet every once in a while, to use a goofy metaphor, and with apologies to all blind squirrels everywhere (who, now that I think of it, wouldn’t be reading this anyway, for at least two reasons that come to mind), even a blind squirrel gets a nut. And I got a good nut in my precious daughter.

You can keep all the footage of the celebrities. I would love to have a video of those four girls approaching that lonely girl on the playground. Not only because that particular action is practically the most important action in the history of humanity, but because I know the girl who did the hardest thing of all.

She stopped long enough to notice a stranger.

But now, her name is Lauren.

  1. JD says:

    Great post, Al. Hillary is a true winner … formed by parents who are genuine disciples of our Master.

    It made me think of the Casting Crowns song that has the lyrics:

    Does anybody hear her?
    Can anybody see?
    Or does anybody even knows she’s going down today
    Under the shadow of our steeple
    With all the lost and lonely people
    Searching for the hope that’s tucked away in you and me
    Does anybody hear her? Can anybody see?

  2. tomstjohn says:

    It reminds me of what someone either wrote or said:
    “They may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.”

    Lauren will always have the light of that day inside of her and shining out.

    Just like the Light shining from Hillary. Well done, good and faithful servant.

    I think she’s a keeper, Al!

  3. Phyllis says:

    Hillary sounds as if she has found a way to truly shine with the likeness of Christ. I know you are proud!

  4. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thanks for taking the time to add such kind words, guys. Every one.


  5. DeJon Redd says:

    I wish I were more like Hillary.

  6. Jody says:

    DeJon what are you talking about? You are like Hillary and I have stories and photos to prove it. You are one of the many people that has helped shape our girls into the young women they are.

  7. Danny says:

    Nice, touching post Al. Thanks for encouraging us with Hilary’s story.

    Don’t be some much of an unseen seer though! 🙂

    Who was that masked man?

  8. Al Sturgeon says:

    Once again, DeJon, my wife is correct! Thanks for what you’ve meant to both of our girls (and us, too!).

    And Danny, not to worry about the masked man. It was just some interloper. 🙂

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