Posted: August 21, 2007 in Miscellaneous

The picture is a bit misleading. I had ribs and shrimp last night at Buffalo’s Wild Wings, but six of the eight guys that showed up partook of the establishment’s signature course – all you can eat hot wings! Periodically, thanks to my friend Marion, the “guys” from church get together at Buffalo’s just to hang out. We eat a lot, talk a lot, and watch a lot of sports on the plethora of televisions spread around Buffalo’s. This will be the last time we get to do this with Marion since he just received orders from the United States Coast Guard and will be moving to Clearwater, Florida. We will sure miss him a lot, and I suspect we’ll carry on the tradition even after he’s gone. I can’t wait to get to the Buffalo’s Wild Wings in Heaven, though. We’ll all have a grand time.


I made it home last night in time to take part in another live online fantasy football draft, this time in a “carefree” league established by my friend, John Dobbs. It’s a “just for fun” league, but since our friend, Danny, is involved, the competitive juices will flow somewhere within. 🙂 The chat during the online draft was hilarious, and as John pointed out, more fun than the entire season.


Lots of folks commented on my Hungry Hippos column yesterday. The discussion continues if you want to check in again. Just click HERE.


On the way back from Buffalo’s last night, my wife called to say that her car quit working. Looks like I get to change out a battery today. Given my automotive expertise, this will not be nearly as easy as it would be to everyone else in the world. 🙂

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