Posted: August 23, 2007 in Miscellaneous

I have a very special prayer request today: please pray for my niece, Jessica, and my sister and brother-in-law, Sandy and Tommy. Jessica is 24 years old now, but she has faced an awful lot of health problems for a very long time. She has a special doctor’s appointment in Memphis this afternoon, and our whole family is very worried about her. For some reason, I don’t make a lot of prayer requests of people, but today is different.


I have two specific “must-read” links for you today.

(1) The first is mainly a “must-read” for sports fans, but others would find it interesting at least. It is on ESPN’s website, sent to me by my friend, Shannon. Check it out HERE.

(2) The second is from our Hungry Hippos site (go HERE). Yes, I’ll bug you with links from here often, but I really, really think today’s post is a very important discussion waiting to happen. My friend, Msmiranda, posted it, and she links to a “letter-to-the-editor-type” question and response from a liberal magazine she reads a lot. The letter is from a Christian and regards caring for the homeless. It is really, really fascinating. And to pique your interest, the response (from a non-religious person) contains a beautiful description of Jesus that includes the f-word (and no, not football this time). I never thought I’d ever be writing those words in a sentence. 🙂

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