Posted: August 28, 2007 in Lessons

So I’m watching Good Morning America yesterday and have this little epiphany…

The 12-year-old Little League World Series champs from Warner-Robins, Georgia, are on, and the entire cast of GMA is doing the interview. I think it was Elizabeth Vargas who goes all goofy and tries to ask these young boys how they celebrated the victory. In what wasn’t one of her finest interviewing moments, she asks them if they “painted the town red” (and, of course, no 12-year-old kids have ever even heard that phrase). But the deal was that she was making fun of them. She was laughing as she tried to make up for her poor choice of words, wondering how in the world 12-year-olds celebrate.

They replied that they went out to eat and just had fun. She thought this was hilarious.

Now maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it struck me as noteworthy that our collective belief is that 12-year-old kids don’t know how to celebrate. When they get older, of course, they’ll be legally able to get plastered and have all sorts of fun, but at such a young age, the ability to celebrate is beyond them.

How ree-diculous. Kids are probably the only ones who know how to celebrate.

I took my youngest and her friend, Alexis, to their jazz dance class last night. On the way home, they asked me to do something we did a couple of weeks ago in the car – roll down the windows, turn up the bass, and CRANK the music from Radio Disney.

So we did. We thumped down Highway 90 in my stylin’ Saturn Ion, bouncing to songs from High School Musical 2, and with perfect timing, a retro rendition of M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” as we pulled into our quiet subdivision. Me and two 10-year-old girls, being cool.

Kids know how to have fun. The rest of us should be learning from them.

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