Posted: September 7, 2007 in Miscellaneous

Well, the Saints game was downright ugly last night, no doubt about it. Saints fans can hope that it was just an eye-opener for the team and will serve as a motivational tool, but I’m not so sure. They were playing the Super Bowl champions on their home turf on the night they celebrated last season’s championship, but still, the Saints didn’t look anything like their preseason predictions (Sports Illustrated has them winning the Super Bowl this year).

* For one, their defense is the question mark going into the season, and though they looked decent in the first half (scoring their only touchdown), they looked absolutely horrible in the second half. The only thing worse than their run defense was their pass defense. Well, there was one thing worse than both…

* There was the offense, which experts say is their strong suit. They put up three points last night. In a game against an untested Colts defense, they looked absolutely horrible. Reggie Bush had troubles reading blocks all night long, but the biggest disappointment was quarterback, Drew Brees, who had an awful night. While I was doing a little research for my fantasy football drafts, I kept hearing people put Brees in the same class as Peyton Manning, a thought I found rather silly. Brees had some good times in San Diego, then one good season with the Saints last year. He remains a long ways from being mentioned in the same class as Peyton Manning, a fact made obvious last night.

Who knows, maybe the Saints will rebound and go 15 and 1 this year now?

Sure didn’t look like it last night…

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