Posted: September 9, 2007 in Miscellaneous

I mowed the yard yesterday, something I have always hated doing for some reason, and afterwards, my physical exhaustion combined perfectly with the fact that it was a good day to watch college football.

I waited patiently while Jody watched America’s Next Top Model, and then being the wonderful wife she is, unprompted, she turned it over to Fox for Major League Baseball. I waited a sufficient amount of time to notice that she did this just for me (read: she wasn’t watching it at all), then I asked for the remote control. This is when she made the fateful decision to grant me the remote, and from that point on it was college football.

I enjoyed greatly the entirety of the Oregon/Michigan game. The Michigan disaster of a season is simply amazing. Then, I employed my rather impressive remote control skills, flipping skillfully back and forth between several games: Notre Dame/Penn State, South Carolina/Georgia, and Texas/TCU. When these games finished, I moved right into LSU/Virginia Tech and Auburn/South Florida.

I did stop long enough to eat supper and go to the bathroom, but that was about it…

I don’t know that it’s good to spend the bulk of an entire day watching college football, but it sure felt good yesterday.

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