Posted: September 24, 2007 in Lessons

Okay, I may not be as successful as Paris and Nicole in achieving The Simple Life, but today’s a big day for me because I’m going to go for it anyway.

From studying Jesus in an attempt to follow after him, I’m well aware that I need to change a LOT of things. One of those things stems from my discovery that Jesus wasn’t busy. You’d think Jesus would have had a rather full agenda, but instead he always seemed to have time for people. I don’t always have time for people because I have “too many things to do.”

Which means I have too many things to do.

And I’ve got to change that…

One of the things I am going to do is spend less time on a computer.

As for now, I still plan to post something every day on this blog, but my plan is to do it after my daughter’s bedtime when I check my email and write in my new “people” journal. That’s right, I’m planning to check my email ONCE a day!!! (John Dobbs just fainted.)

We’ll see how this goes. My life is a work in progress, so this change is definitely a work in progress, too.

But I’m serious.

So, first of all, expect my blog entries to come at night starting tomorrow, and secondly, don’t expect me to answer emails and blog comments nearly as frequently as before.

This is my new reality show: The Simple(r) Life.

Wish me luck.

  1. Lisa says:

    I DO wish you luck … I am trying the same thing. I find it frustrating when other people cannot find the time for ministering because of how busy they are … it didn’t take a knock over my head to realize I could probably stand to scale it back as well.

  2. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thanks, Lisa!

    Day 1 wasn’t so bad… 🙂

  3. DJG says:

    good luck with that….I am way too addicted!

  4. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thanks!!! It hasn’t been too hard so far… 🙂

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