Posted: September 30, 2007 in Miscellaneous

I will readily admit that my hero today is Tony Romo, and my elation over the Cowboys start to this NFL season cannot be eclipsed by anything, even an amazing NFL record. But I’ll have to say that Brett Favre’s record-setting today is cool.

Favre is from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, which is downright funny in a way: his reputation as a gritty, frozen tundra sort of quarterback doesn’t mesh well with the fact that he grew up on the beach. Nonetheless, you see a lot of Packers stuff down here, along with a lot of Turan-Foley car commercials, for which he is the spokesman. Favre is the local boy done good, and he has now done good-er than any other quarterback in NFL history.

The former Hancock High and Southern Miss star passed legend Dan Marino today and became the quarterback with the most touchdown passes in the history of professional football. Pretty good for a Mississippi boy.

In fact, for all the Mississippi-haters out there, when you think about the three high-profile skill positions in football, an argument can be made that a Mississippi boy is the best at each: Favre at quarterback, Jerry Rice at wide receiver, and Walter Payton at running back.

I’m just saying, we’ll take on the team from your state. 🙂

  1. JD says:

    I watched most of the game…Favre is amazing… will he play one more year? That’s the question!

  2. DocWatson says:

    How ’bout them Cowboys. I can’t believe what I have been watching over the last four weeks. Somehow I catch myself waiting for the other shoe to drop or that this is all a dream. Romo is a breath of fresh air to us Cowboy fans. And just to think, we saw the debut of the next savior of the Cowboys.

    By the way, have you gone to the Cowboy’s website to see the renditions of the new Texas Stadium. It is pretty great.

    Glad to see the Hogs finally win one. Houston is definitely on the hot seat here.

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    JD: Last year everyone said Favre was washed up. So much for experts.

    Big Dave: You and I were there, weren’t we?! RO-MO, RO-MO, RO-MO!!! I really, really like him. They said he’s from Wisconsin and grew up idolizing Favre. I have to say that the two of them are alike in that I’ve never seen football players that have more fun playing the game. They both act like they’re playing at recess in elementary school!

    I’ve read about the new Texas Stadium in SI, but I haven’t been to the website. And I figured Houston was on the hot seat. Probably his last year, huh?

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