Posted: October 8, 2007 in Justice

My gut tells me that electing judges is a fundamentally bad idea, but such is the case in the State of Mississippi. The idea that judges should worry about popularity is simply problematic. Nonetheless, when Sharon Sigalas runs for another term as Youth Court Judge, I would go out of my way to campaign for her.

Judge Sigalas is so very good. She is also hilarious, funny enough to make for a great court television show, but the sad cases she deals with day after day aren’t for public consumption. Child abuse and neglect is not for entertainment.

Jody, Hillary, and I had the opportunity to eat lunch at the judge’s house today, along with other CASA volunteers. We had a wonderful lunch, with even better conversation. It was great fun hearing her stories, and it got even better when her husband (an attorney) came out and added to the mix. The two of them could keep anyone entertained for hours!

It was interesting to notice that, as is often the case in South Mississippi, the conversation ended up hovering around Hurricane Katrina. I wonder how long that will be the case?

Today was simply a great afternoon.

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