Posted: December 21, 2007 in Stories

Thanks for all the super-cool things said to me in response to our big announcement (both here and in bunches of private emails). I highly suggest everyone make a big move, just for all the nice things people say.

Christmas is five days away. More on my mind, my LSAT reporting date is thirteen days away. Today, however, was an ugly, rainy day, though it did not dampen the spirits of my youngest who got out of school for Christmas break. It has been a perfect day to sit around the house and read a good book, which is what I have been doing.

My friend, Bruno, has been reading a book from Frank McCourt (either ‘Tis or Teacher Man, I forget). Somewhere in that news, my friend Trent Austin said that Angela’s Ashes was the best McCourt book in his opinion (and Trent’s opinion when it comes to books is most valuable). So I checked Angela’s Ashes out recently and have been meaning to find some time to read it.

I had read the first third of the book over the past three weeks. I’ve read the second third so far today. Simply an amazing book.

McCourt’s memory of an unspeakable childhood is impeccable. His writing ability is superb. His humor while sharing tragic stories is amazing.

Okay, forget blogging. I’ve got to go read another chapter. Or ten.

  1. Unicorn says:

    I raved about both ‘Tis and Teacher Man – but still haven’t gotten around to reading Angela’s Ashes — Shame on me.

    New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?

  2. Bobby and Tamie says:


    Sorry I’m late to the “saying nice things” party! (Tamie had her gallbladder removed Thursday, so we’ve been a bit busy.)

    Congrats again on the big move! I’m voting for Pepperdine so I’ll have more of an excuse to visit Malibu.

    — Bobby

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    Bruno: I’ve only got about 30 or 40 pages left now. Such a good book! Now I’m looking forward to ‘Tis and Teacher Man!

    Bobby: We’ll send you the bill for our gall bladder consulting services. 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes. Pepperdine is almost too cool to think about!

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