Posted: December 22, 2007 in The Big Move

I don’t know if it is a breach of test-taking etiquette to share your score with the world at large, but I received an early Christmas present yesterday when the Law School Admission Council posted my LSAT score earlier than I anticipated.

I scored a 161, which puts me at the 84th percentile of test takers. Not as high as I wanted (is it ever?), but not as low as it could have been, too. It is a solid score with which I am satisfied.

The score, in effect, rules out the University of Virginia and the University of Arkansas from consideration, leaving me with four schools on my list:
* Florida
* Ole Miss
* Pepperdine
* Tennessee

I looked at my responses, and of the four test sections, I missed 3, 4, 10, and 6 respectively. I wish I knew what happened on that third scored section!!! If I wouldn’t have blown that particular part of the test, my score would have been several points higher!

But as my beautiful wife pointed out, she prayed for me to get the score I needed to get, so we should be satisfied.

And I am.

  1. DJG says:

    Congrats…don’t go to Tennessee….just don’t do it!

  2. Al Sturgeon says:

    I tell you, I’ve become a weather wimp, and the TN mountains in winter time are a scary thought! 🙂

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