Posted: January 3, 2008 in Family and Friends
My Friend, Hezekiah

Friend Blog

Hillary and I drove to Biloxi today to see our friend, Hezekiah, and as you can tell from the picture, he was looking especially fine today! He always looks good in a hat, and he was especially pumped about his new suit coat to go with his oversized sweats. Hezekiah is one cool dude.

I was really happy to hear he was pleased with how Santa Claus treated him this year, what with how I was the communicator to the Big Man in Red. Santa told me that he had never gone shopping for pipes in a tobacco store, but Hezekiah was very pleased with his new pipe and was giving it a good workout already. He wouldn’t even take it out of his mouth to smile for a picture. And Hezekiah was really proud of his “brand new radio.” I’m not totally convinced all the residents are quite as happy with Santa’s work in that department, but at least the nursing home is never devoid of music.

Hillary and I enjoyed our visit, as always. I got to share another prayer with Mr. Flowers. We saw Miss Katie, who once again dramatically and emotionally shared her latest personal crisis with us (today’s had something to do with coming inside out of the cold). We tried to help a sweet resident decipher a problem another lady was having, something to do with trying to get a duck for a dollar. We weren’t much help there.

My oldest sister taught me how to visit a nursing home when I was Hillary’s age. I hope Hillary will remember how when she grows up.

And I hope I never forget.

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