Posted: January 11, 2008 in Miscellaneous

No pictures again today, even though it was a day “off” for me.

Jody and I had a really good talk this morning before she left for work about this whole law school concept. It really helped clarify some things as to our goals and way of thinking. Once we hear back from schools, I think we’ll have a much easier time making decisions.

Late this morning, I ran/walked my two miles (three days a week, I do such fun). It turned out to be a gorgeous day after such a stormy day yesterday. Running in shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt on January 11 with blue skies, a cool breeze, and temperatures in the upper 60s is just all right with me.

I headed to the office to do a little bit of work before picking up Hillary from school. Mostly some Habitat stuff after our meeting yesterday.

And now, I’m waiting for Jody to get off work so the three of us can spend the evening together (three, since Erica is back at college now). We need to talk more Science Fair with Hillary, and I suspect Jody & I will talk a little more about law school. I’m convinced it will be a good night, even before it happens.

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