Posted: February 19, 2008 in Ten Questions

I hit the big time today. Bobby Ross, Jr., managing editor of the Christian Chronicle, mentioned my blog as one of three blogs he enjoys reading (check it out HERE). Though the list was in no particular order, I took great pride in noticing that my name was mentioned above John Dobbs (who is the reigning king of the blog world).

The problem is that all these people will check out my blog now, and I really haven’t been writing much recently.

This will be no surprise to those who know me best, but I have a new plan.

In our Blog Learning Time sessions (BLT), Professor John Dobbs instructed his apprentices to blog every single day. But since I have now vaulted past him on the Ross list, I will ignore his advice and blaze a trail all my own.

Here is my new plan: I am going to post a really, really good blog entry every weekend, starting this weekend, and hope to carry on a few conversations from it throughout the week. Each weekend, I will publish my favorite picture from the week (or, the only picture I took that week – or, will take a picture of something just beforehand) and answer for myself (and the 1000s and 1000s of readers out there) the following ten questions:

1. Did I help make life better for anyone this week?
2. Did I reach across lines that divide and meet someone new this week?
3. Did I learn anything worthwhile this week?
4. Did I spend time with close family and friends this week?
5. Did I take the time to notice nature this week?
6. Did I have fun this week?
7. Did I do my best at my job this week?
8. Did I engage in a discussion of things that matter this week?
9. Did I read or hear or see a good story this week?
10. Did I feed my soul with music this week?

This is my plan. Criticize at will.

By the way…

* On the Hillary front, she is still recovering nicely from her ruptured appendix. Thanks for the prayers, and keep ‘em up please!
* On the Law School front, I’m still waiting to see if we can get into married/family housing at Pepperdine. If so, that’s where we’re headed. If not, well, the jury is still out (heh – like the lawyer reference!)

  1. Matt says:

    Glad you got the notice. It is certainly deserved. God bless

  2. Bobby and Tamie says:


    I hope you are right that lots of people flock to your blog after reading the column, but so far, I have no indication of such great power to influence minds and actions. 🙂

    I am one who doesn’t have time to read blogs every day, so normally, I have certain blogs that I check out once or twice a week, or sometimes, I go two weeks. On my own blog, having studied at the University of John Dobbs, I started out blogging daily and then dropped to a few times a week. And now my wife and I just blog when we think we have something cute to say or new pictures of the kids. Rather than worry if anyone is reading, we blog mainly as a sort of personal diary, I guess.

    I really do enjoy your blog and look forward to your new plan.

    — Bobby

  3. JD says:

    I stick by my rule! A blog post with not much substance is better than no blogpost at all!

  4. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thanks Matt, and Bobby!

    And who is jd?

  5. Al Sturgeon says:

    Really, I’ve been realizing that once I head to law school that daily blogging probably wouldn’t work anyway – too much reading/studying to do.

    And my ten questions are my way of creating some accountability on the things that I think matter…

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