Posted: March 24, 2008 in The Big Move

COUNTDOWN: 134 days

Things to do today:
* Easter Sunday was recovery day for the Sturgeons after all the yard work yesterday. We enjoyed an Easter meal with our friends, the Smiths, and mostly did a lot of talking about our move.

Malibu fact of the day:
* Anyone remember “Battle of the Network Stars,” hosted by Howard Cosell? It was a tv special that came on every six months from 1976 through 1985 (my prime growing up years). Found out it was filmed on Pepperdine’s campus.

What I’ll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* Our friends, the Smiths. I think this is the third Easter meal we’ve shared with them at their house. They are such neat people, and we’ll miss them a lot. I think we got commitments from at least Daniel and Marianne to come visit us sometime!

What I’m thinking today:
* After today’s sermon completed a full decade worth of Easter sermons, I’m realizing that I won’t be preaching an Easter sermon next year. I’m actually looking forward to sitting in the audience and listening!


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