Countdown Update

Posted: March 26, 2008 in The Big Move

COUNTDOWN: 131 days

Things to do today:
* We rented our moving truck last night. We found the best deal with Budget, and the actual cost for the truck all the way to California isn’t bad at all. But then there’s the fact that it will maybe get 10mpg – it’s paying for gas that’s the killer!
* Jody’s still painting in Erica’s room!

Malibu fact of the day:
* My daughter will have to pass Cher’s house every day on her seven mile ride to school down the legendary PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

What I’ll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* Azaleas blooming in the spring.

What I’m thinking today:
* I’ve been thinking about some advice I read in a book called Law School 101:

“Every attorney should become an expert in three hobbies that have nothing at all to do with law.”

The example in the book chose the Civil War, baseball, and marathon running. I’ve been thinking about what I should choose.

  1. unicorntx says:

    have missed seeing you, and been too busy to log in on all the good stuff- Looking forward to our time together tomorrow.

    And grieving your approaching departure – My Loss, your gain!

  2. alsturgeon says:

    I’m ready for lunch today!

    Jody said you called last night, then talked about how much she liked you and Linda. Then we talked about how we’d have to get together with you guys before we left, and how much we’d miss you both. So “our” loss, too…

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