Countdown Rolls On

Posted: March 31, 2008 in The Big Move

COUNTDOWN: 127 days

Things to do today:
*Lots and lots of cleaning this afternoon. Together, Jody, Hillary, and I cleaned all the windows/windowsills, doors/doorframes, light fixtures, and kitchen cabinets/appliances in the entire house. In addition, Jody cleaned out the girls’ bathroom closet and began work on a couple of spots in our wood floors.

Malibu fact of the day:
* A common misconception is that Malibu’s coastline runs north-south, when it in fact runs east-west.

What I’ll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* Preaching. Today’s break was nice. Plus, I know I’ll preach in California periodically. Still, I’ll miss it.

What I’m thinking today:
* I’m thinking that I’m sleepy. And that we still have a LOT to do prior to our move.

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