Say a Prayer

Posted: April 3, 2008 in Music

Jon Conley has been a friend of mine since we were kids shooting hoops and going to church together, along with being my little vicarious connection to the celebrity world. His big break came when he became lead guitarist for Wynonna Judd. Following several years with Wynonna, he toured with Lee Greenwood, and then worked as Lead Guitarist and Musical Director for LeAnn Rimes. On his periodic trips to the Mississippi Gulf Coast with all three, I had the pleasure of seeing my friend and catching a small glimpse behind the scenes of the music world.

I haven’t talked to Jon in a while, but I happened to stumble across his MySpace music page today and learned that he is now working as Lead Guitarist and Musical Director for a 16-year-old talent named Emma Mae Jacob. I’m falling in love with her music already. Check out the beautiful lyrics and sound of the song, “Say a Prayer,” below (and don’t forget to notice Jon’s guitar solo toward the end!). And when you’re done and need a little more Emma Mae, rev up your search engines and go searching for the gorgeous song, “What If We Fly.”

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