Update on the Big Move

Posted: April 4, 2008 in The Big Move

• I think we’ve semi-officially bumped up the moving date one day, so the official countdown now stands at 121 days. I think getting a couple hundred miles down the road after lunch on Sunday, August 3, will help make Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday a lot more bearable.

• I received official word today from the University of Virginia that I’ve been placed on a wait list – so neither accepted nor rejected. The letter said there were 6,500 applications this year for 350 seats. The median GPA for those they’ve already accepted is 3.82, and the median LSAT is 171. Wow! Anyway, sometimes they offer lots of people on the wait list a seat, but other times they don’t offer one to any of them. I’m glad my only interest in it is curiosity; otherwise, it would be a long summer.

• I can hardly move my body right now. Jody took today off and we worked HARD on getting the house ready to show. We went to Lowe’s first thing this morning to load up, and we’ve been busy all day long. We graveled the walkway to the pool, mulched the flowerbed, tried to replace the outside light fixture on the patio (Jody’s returning it now), washed/scrubbed the eaves around the entire house, and cleaned out the garage completely. We’ve accomplished an incredible amount. Tonight, Hillary and I are going with a group to Mobile to watch a minor league baseball game, but Jody plans to get even more work done. I’m not too proud to admit that she can outwork me any day!

• Malibu fact of the day: My friend, Bruno, and I looked at Pepperdine on Google Earth yesterday, and we noticed that our apartment is 630 feet above sea level. For those who have traveled to Saint Louis, that means our ocean view will be like looking out the windows of the Gateway Arch!

• What I’ll Miss About Ocean Springs: this wonderful house. This house was an amazing blessing, and as we go around cleaning it up extra good, we’re reminded of what a wonderful house it is. We will miss it a lot.

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