Let’s Make a Deal

Posted: June 2, 2008 in The Big Move

As my friend, Alison, remarked this morning, my family has experience in getting rid of all our stuff, only this time we are doing it voluntarily!

We move to California nine weeks from yesterday. From a spacious four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath house to a tiny two-bedroom, one bath apartment. We can’t wait.

We decided this weekend to move out of our house on July 5th (four weeks from this coming Saturday) whether it is sold or not, and so the unloading of our personal possessions has now officially begun. We have a huge moving sale scheduled for a week from this Saturday, but to kickstart things a bit (and hopefully make that day a bunch easier), I sent an email out to a few hundred of my closest friends in this area in sort of a pre-sale move. Of the 44 items listed, 21 are already sold by early afternoon.

Selling out is sort of fun, in a warped way. A heck of a lot more fun if you are choosing to do it on your own. Maybe that’s what baptism is all about? (Sheesh, I’m so Church of Christ I can hardly believe it.)

Anyway, since selling out is so much fun, does anyone out there want to buy a house??? Please???

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