Posted: June 21, 2008 in Family and Friends

(Just a note for anyone wondering: my “procedure” today went just fine. Instead of giving you the grisly details, I’ll just refer you back to Dave Barry’s column – he’s right on the money!!!) 🙂

We moved to Ocean Springs when Hillary was one year old. On our first Sunday here as the “preacher’s family,” Jody and Robin met in the nursery, so I’m suspecting Connor and Hillary met then, too. They have been best friends ever since.

Connor and Hillary – well, around these parts the words even go together. They are both about to turn 11 years old, and both will head off to middle school in a few short weeks. They are a boy and a girl, yes, but even though they are now at that age when some of their friends have started pairing up, they haven’t. They are simply best friends, and have been as long as they can remember.

Of the many things on our “Things To Feel Guilty About” list regarding our move, separating these two probably ranks right at the top. They bought each other a WebCam for their 11th birthday (ideas of their mothers), so hopefully the miles won’t stop their friendship at all.

We move six weeks from tomorrow, but today we traveled to the Biloxi Natatorium for a final combined birthday party. Storms in the area almost put a damper on this last special party, but God smiled down on Hillary’s prayer and allowed them their pool party after all. And I’m glad.

There are certain friends that will always be special no matter what happens. Of the several I have had over the years, Jamey McFadden has remained my standard bearer for “best friend.” For Hillary, it will always be Connor. And as special friends go, she has a very good one.


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