Posted: July 1, 2008 in The Big Move

Well, our move to California will come soon enough, but in the meanwhile I seem to be counting down the days until we go to Arkansas. My wife and I are both native Arkansans, and we are planning to spend a couple of weeks there seeing family and friends before our big move. With gas prices going up like a space shuttle launch, and airline tickets following closely, we need to spend some time with everyone there just in case a trip to/from California becomes about as feasible as a trip to Australia.

But we have another problem. We have lots of family and friends in Arkansas, and not nearly enough days there, so… we have an idea. On our last night in Arkansas (Friday, July 25), we plan to go eat at Ryan’s in Jonesboro around 6pm. No special plans, no tables reserved, or nothing like that… But if a bunch of folks show up for dinner that night, we’ll have a blast eating ourselves silly and seeing people we love very much.


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