Bono and Greatness

Posted: July 13, 2008 in Lessons

So I’m standing at the BARGAIN table in Waldenbooks perusing a coffee table book about U2, and I read this fantastic quote from Bono that goes something like this (since I didn’t actually purchase the BARGAIN book): “I always thought the point of it all was to be as great as you could be.”

My first thought was, That’s what I always thought, too. My second thought was, But wow, isn’t that like the direct opposite thought presented by Jesus?

Thankfully, I thought a little more about it later on while I drove to Arkansas with my family. And I realized that it IS still a good thought, and it isn’t (necessarily) in direct opposition to the ethic of Jesus. In fact, Jesus never did condemn the inherent desire for greatness. He just redefined the path to it.

I thought that was worth thinking about.

  1. Jason Barnard says:

    John finally got me in the blog world. Have a great time in Arkansas. Please keep me updated on your dispute resolution studies at Pepperdine. I am finding it to be amazing as I look at the ACU perspective. Send a few pictures every now and then to make us envious.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Thanks, Jason! Will do!

    (I had full faith John could suck you in – um, I mean, lead you into the joys of blogging!)

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