First Time In

Posted: August 12, 2008 in The Big Move

Today was the day. Though I’ve been here since Thursday, today was the first day I ventured across the street and into the Law School. Funny to think of how familiar it will become to me soon – my home away from home. I’m sure at some point it will become old hat, but today it was fresh and new and exciting.

It’s huge. Three floors worth of library, classrooms, study holes, offices, and courtrooms. Colleen, my wonderful tour guide, insisted that I get my picture made in the judge’s chair. The Law School complex is more than just a place to learn, study, and work. It has a massive atrium, a lounge complete with large screen televsion, ping pong, and a pool table, and a complete cafeteria.

And a view. My, what a view. Click on the photo below to get the full effect, including the hawk circling the breathtaking campus below.

Oh, and there’s a full bookstore, too. Lots and lots of cool items and apparel that say PEPPERDINE LAW (when you insist on sending gifts, this would be the place!), and lots and lots of thick books. I spent a lot of money on my first law school books today, and though that is a bit disconcerting for a stingy person such as myself, it’s pretty exciting, too.

Today is the day when the whole law school idea began to seem real.

  1. dejon05 says:

    I dropped 980 on books. Did I win?

  2. alsturgeon says:

    I hope so. I dropped 850, but I still have one left after I’m placed in Legal Research & Writing.

    This is so bad of me, but your comment made me smile. Misery loves company. 🙂

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