Long Night Behind. Fun Day Ahead.

Posted: August 13, 2008 in The Big Move

We’ve moved to Malibu. School hasn’t begun. Hillary is at camp. Jody and I are all alone. So we spend last night together, sitting at the computer, studying the 92-page California Driver’s Handbook. Hopeless romantics, we are.

Television and movies have made California DMV offices legendary. Long lines, great frustration. This is the day we have ahead of us. Along with the driving test, we also plan to register our vehicle. This requires a smog certification, so we must begin by trying to get that accomplished.

So if all goes well, by day’s end we will both have California driver’s licenses and California plates and much less money. If all doesn’t go well, we may be featured on an episode of COPS (we’ll be the angry people with Road Rage).

Wish us luck!

  1. robinhayes says:

    So, did you pass your driver’s test? You had to take a written and a driving test?

  2. alsturgeon says:

    We passed!!!! Just a written test, thankfully. 36 multiple choice questions – you could miss up to 6. We both did good!

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