Ben & Sara

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Family and Friends

For the first time since our move, last night felt the least bit normal.

We met Ben & Sara at church last week. Ben is a new law student. He is in his early 30s (though not as OLD as me, still several years older than the typical law student), married with kids, and in my same section. We will share all classes in this grueling first year.

Ben & Sara invited us to their apartment for dinner last night, and we had an absolutely wonderful evening with them. The food was wonderful, topped only by the conversation, and by evening’s end we hugged our goodbyes as friends.

Ben is in law school courtesy of the war on terror. He is a member of the United States Marine Corps who served several tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and an injury provided him with the financial sustenance for law school. But his brother provided him with the motivation.

Ben described Micah as the good brother. The one who lived life nobly. And the one who died in Iraq. Ben is going to law school in the hopes of ending up in the Washington conversations that lead to the deaths of brothers.

We all have our reasons for being here I guess, all 200+ of us that will convene for the first time this week. Jody & I found Ben & Sara’s reasons fascinating. And we’re proud to call them our new friends.


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