Lots o’ Stuff

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Miscellaneous

#1: Went to watch Pepperdine’s ladies play soccer versus Cal-State-Fullerton Saturday. We lost 1-0, but it was fun anyway. Looking foward to more games.

#2: Church was good yesterday. In class, they “promoted” the incoming sixth graders to the Youth Group, and they were so sweet to include Hillary. She received a gorgeous framed document with the words “Remember Jesus Christ” on it, written in both English and Greek. Worship was held in the Firestone Fieldhouse to kick off the year with all the new college students. Our new church family has a different outlook on participation in the service (both gender and age), much more in line with my personal belief system. To that end, Hillary and the youth group participated by passing the collection trays around, which I found cool.

#3: We bought groceries yesterday, and I guess we had a star sighting. A middle-aged guy and an older man were shopping together, and we were all perusing the selection of hot dog buns. As always, I initiated conversation, saying something stupid like, “Didn’t know it was so hard shopping for hot dog buns!” (since we were both struggling with the choices). The middle-aged guy looked at me funny, which I thought was either due to my distinctive Southern accent or because I said something stupid. When he walked away, Jody informed me he was a “soap star.” So the funny look was proabably either thinking I was trying to suck up to him or shock that a doofus like me didn’t recognize him. For soap stars, you can see my hot dog bun shopping friend HERE.

#4: Oh yeah, I start law school today. YIKES!!!! Torts class this morning. Civil Procedure this afternoon. Studying the other 22 hours or so. Wish me luck!

  1. jsturgeon says:

    I’m pretty good at this star sighting. Maybe one day I will actually see someone “really famous”. It is a funny feeling when you do see someone. So far I have stayed pretty cool. Now if I happen to see Brad Pitt or Nicolas Cage you may be reading a post about Al bailing me out of jail.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Give me 3 years, sweetheart, and I’ll even represent you in court. 🙂

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