Posted: August 27, 2008 in Miscellaneous

#1: Hillary’s new P.E. clothes say “Malibu High School Physical Education.” That’s just cool.

#2: Last night was extra cool: our good friends from Mississippi (Todd & Tyler) came to campus to see us, and I got to show them around campus and Malibu. It was so good to see them.

#3: There was a brush fire north of campus yesterday that burned 80 acres. Firefighters contained it and nobody lost their house, so it didn’t even merit mention around these parts. 🙂

#4: I missed Hillary Clinton’s speech last night, but I’m sure she did a good job.

#5: I’ve survived my “first” class in each of my law school classes. Today will be a full day.

#6: I think my St. Louis Cardinals are through for the season, but I hope Pujols wins the batting title.

#7: We get to attend our first “law school Bible study” tonight, and we get to see one of Hillary’s new friends get baptized, too. Hillary’s friend’s dad won a Pulitzer Prize, which is pretty cool, too.

Gotta get going this morning. Big day ahead.

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