Catching Waves

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Family and Friends

The three of us went down to the beach last night, and based on our experience, I expect we’ll be doing a lot of that together over the next three years. The Pacific Ocean is amazing. And cold. A few nuts swam in the surf, but our walking along the edge and getting our feet wet was enough to keep us shivering on the last day of August.

And if you know much about geography, you probably already know that the Pacific is anything but pacific. The crashing waves are way different than the calm waters on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and we enjoyed the variety. The roar is a beautiful sound.

And ironic, too. Hurricanes roar and crash, too, but we don’t think of that as so beautiful.

Thankfully, Gustav has weakened. Our family and friends appear to be in pretty good shape overall, though hurricanes only spare people when they are completely finished. The rebuilt New Orleans levees are in for a workout on this Labor Day, and coastal Louisiana still faces a lot of water from the Category 2 storm. So keep up your prayers.

And if you want to appreciate the roar of crashing waves, come to Malibu instead of chasing a hurricane. It really is cool either place, but a lot less stressful out here.

  1. oiclalb says:

    It’s Ric Al. You will get used to the difference in water temperature. When our schedules mesh and you have two seconds to breathe, I’ll drive North with a 9’4″ and a 6’4″ surfboard that you and Hillary can definitely learn on…..then you can add that to your “completed” bucket list.

  2. robinhayes says:

    Hi, Al. We are safe and sound in Mississippi. Todd and Tyler arrived just in time to prepare for Gustav. Thankfully we were spared. Just checked on the house, and NO WATER inside!! The water at East Beach completely covered the sand…it had been across the road, but had already receded some. Now if we can just get through the other storms out there!! Love you guys!

  3. alsturgeon says:

    Ric: Should I learn how to swim first? 🙂 Getting together sounds great. I’m not so sure about “me” surfing, though!

    Robin: Glad to know all is well there. We love you all, too.

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