Big College Party

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Family and Friends

Last night was free Taco Bell night in our residence hall’s courtyard, complete with free root beer float night (a guy actually had a keg of root beer that he donated!). This is why living on a college campus is fun.

I spent the biggest part of the night swapping stories with Zac, my new next-door-neighbor who is from my hometown. Jody & Hillary spent most of the evening swapping stories with Joe, a city planner in Malibu whose wife is our Resident Advisor.

It wasn’t a raucous atmosphere, but a family-friendly party. This is the advantage of living in graduate housing on a Christian college campus I suppose.

Either way, it was a nice way to spend an evening.

  1. lesjr says:

    I am glad you are finding fun and friendships as well as the opportunity to run with your dream.

    As I have said before (our political discussions not withstanding) I miss you!

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