A Good Monday

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Family and Friends

Jody is in communication with the personal assistant of a celebrity (since it’s job-related, I won’t go name-dropping!).

Hillary’s dance teacher (aka Britney Spears’ friend) told her last night that she is too advanced for the class she is in and needs to move on up (which must be a cool feeling). Plus, Rex played the piano during her choir class yesterday morning!

I attended my first SLA meeting yesterday at lunchtime. I am one of three students asked to serve the first year law class as a Spiritual Life Advisor (an honor we have the privilege of holding for our class through all three years of law school). It is a neat group, and us newbies had the pleasure of being “prayed over” by the rest.

So Monday was cool. Wonder what Tuesday will bring?

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