Posted: October 2, 2008 in The Big Move

May sound funny, but I used to think I was a marginally interesting person until I came to law school. Now I am surrounded by a whole cast of much more interesting characters.

Our Civil Procedure professor took a snapshot of our section this way:

New Hampshire, Texas, Romania, Arizona, Utah, Arkansas, Louisiana, Russia, Nevada, Washington, Michigan, Iowa, Canada, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Connecticut, Ukraine, Missouri, Maryland, Georgia, Minnesota, North Dakota, Florida, Oklahoma, Montana, Tennessee, California (all over the entire state)

High School Teacher, Middle School Teacher, Preschool Teacher, ESL Teacher, English College Professor
U.S. Marine Corps Captain; Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) in the United States Army, Special Forces; Interrogation Instructor for the Military, Iraq/Afghanistan Veteran
Banking, Investment banking
Crisis counselor
Preacher, Minister
Archeology Project
Legal Aid, Paralegal, Legal Assistant, File Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Personal & Business Assistant
Camp Counselor
College Athlete
Pet Trainer
IT Consultant
Store Manager
Cancer Research
Peace Corps
Sheep Raiser and Farmer
“The Industry” (film, movies…)

Pretty cool stuff…

One of my classmates used to write and produce for Disney Channel’s “The Proud Family.” We absolutely loved the character of Suga Mama. My classmate told me yesterday that Disney was iffy about Suga Mama when they first picked up the show, but when she turned out to be the biggest star they begged for more and more of her!

Hillary and I still maintain a classic line from the show even though it has now been years. I will forever spout Oscar Proud (the dad) when he told Penny (his daughter), “No dating until AFTER YOU’RE MARRIED!!!”

Anyway, hope you enjoy your Thursday, and in that vein, kick it off with a little Proud Family inspiration…

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