Two Plus Two

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Miscellaneous

Two Good Things From Yesterday:

#1: The Arkansas Razorbacks!!! WOOOOOO, PIG SOOIE!!!!

#2: My girls and I met up with Frank and Ricky (two third-year law students) to assemble sack lunches for the Malibu Labor Exchange. I guess I never thought Malibu would have a homeless population, but I should never be surprised by such things. I’m proud that our church family is very committed to acts of service to the poor, and spending time with friends at the Malibu Labor Exchange is an important part of that commitment. It cost us a whole thirty minutes and few juice boxes – such a miniscule cost, but it is so painfully easy for us not to even do that much. Hopefully yesterday was a step in the right direction.

Two Good Things About Today:

#1: Today is my first opportunity to lead in the worship assembly at the University Church of Christ. I have been asked to lead the meditation thoughts and prayers for today’s communion service as well as the offering, and I am honored to participate.

#2: Today is our first “Family Circle” with this congregation, which from what we understand is a semi-small group that gathers for a potluck lunch at a family’s house. Jody is contributing a casserole and cupcakes. I guess I plan to receive more than I give. 🙂

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