News & Notes

Posted: October 17, 2008 in Miscellaneous

#1: The Contracts mid-term wasn’t so bad yesterday. Our prof handed out a model answer at the end, and I obviously went a different direction than I should have. Still, felt good not to be totally lost.

#2: Went to a mandatory fire safety meeting yesterday. Kinda weird exchanging hurricane season for fire season, but that’s the way it has gone. Guess we’ll be well-rounded disaster experts when all is said and done. Maybe I’ll get a job in blizzard country next.

#3: Enjoyed going to a Pepperdine volleyball match after the fire safety meeting (article HERE). As always, good to be with my family, but last night had the added benefit of hanging out for a while with my good friend, Michael Lasley.

#4: We get our Open Memo assignment today for LRW. Shorthand is that my normal 70 hour study week gets another 15-20 hours this week. It’s due a week from tomorrow at 5pm PST.


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