Posted: October 18, 2008 in Family and Friends

So check out this picture of Hillary and her friend, Sarah, with the celebrity panel from Blue & Orange Madness last night.

On the left is Anson Williams (“Potsie” from Happy Days). In the middle is Adam Housley, a dude from Fox News. On the right is Coffey Anderson, one of the top performers from the last season of Nashville Star.

Of course, Potsie was the only one Jody & I cared about. 🙂 Funny, but Hillary & Sarah didn’t really know anything about Happy Days, but they were impressed that he was the guy who produced the Lizzie McGuire show.

The celebrity panel came to judge the dunk contest at Blue & Orange Madness last night, a HUGE celebration to kick off basketball season for the Peppedine Waves. There was a big carnival in the parking lot of Firestone Fieldhouse with free food, free games, free music, and just all around free fun. Hillary and Sarah enjoyed participating while Jody & I enjoyed watching.

Afterwards, we all packed Firestone Fieldhouse to meet the teams and watch them put on an impressive skills display. The night ended with the slam dunk contest, and I was blown away by the abilities of a 6’3 freshman from Pasadena named Keion Bell. You have GOT to click on THIS LINK to see his final dunk of the night. AMAZING!!!

Today will be a library day for me. But last night was a wonderful break.

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